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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the owner ?
  • Bella Coola Rock Corporation (BCRock) is the owner of the lands and mine. The principals conceived the project and made initial submissions to governing agencies on a larger operation in 2000.
What is the intent of the proponents ?
  • BCRock is interested in the aggregates industry and assisting with economic development in the valley. The project objectives include the pursuit of an economic and long term operation. There is no interest in any mineral other than construction aggregates, although there are alternate uses a marine terminal could be devoted to.
Early proposals proposed a multi-use port facility/terminal, capabile of shipping many different commodities and products. What does the future hold for the marine facility?
    Marine Loading Facility - in Sechelt BC
  • In order to accommodate other types of marine traffic, significant infrastructure would be necessary.
We know the Bella Coola valley is in need of jobs, but we are concerned that the quarry will be a permanent blemish on the mountain face. How do you propose to address this concern.
  • Mining operations require a reclamation plan to be prepared and this aggregates operation is no different. In consulation with the First Nations and the local community, a plan would be prepared to reclaim the site on an on-going basis. There are many options available in this plan including reforestation and redevelopment of the site for useful economic purposes.