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Source: a circular put out by
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Aggregates can be mined with the final land surface contours in mind, and land can be reclaimed concurrently with extraction in other pants of the operation. The primary goal of reclamation is to return the land to beneficial use
Leaders in the aggregates industry are continuously demonstrating their willingness and desire to act and operate responsibly in serving the construction needs of the country by respecting and observing the well-being and the environmental setting of the community of which they are an important part
Crushed stone and crushed gravel are used extensively for erosion and sediment control. Large stone material called riprap is used to prevent erosion along rivers and shore lines. Often blankets of smaller aggregates are placed under the riprap to increase its effectiveness and longevity.
Crushed rock and large gravel and cobbles are an ideal fill for gabions, compartmentalized rectangular containers made of galvanized steel hexagonal wire mesh, which protect river embankments from erosion.
Aggregate-filled gabions are also used for channel linings, retaining walls, bridge abutments and wingwalls, and shore and beach protection.
Byproduct fines from aggregates processing operations are potential sources for remineralizing soils in agriculture and forests by providing the needed trace elements and minerals for healthy soil and abundant growth.
Sand is used for beach replenishment. It is also an excellent material for landscaping and it provides traction on snow without causing adverse eflects.
Crushed limestone is used by utility power plants in the reduction of sulfur dioxide, thereby reducing acid rain. The aggregates industry has reclaimed mined-out pits and quarries. These sites have been transformed into nature centers, parks, lakes, schools, shopping centers, industrial parks, housing sites, wildlile areas, and wetlands.

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