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Guest Comments - Bella Coola Rock
From the original proposals in the early 2000's, people offered a wealth of suggestions, encouragement, and support. As well, tough questions are asked. Together, we can make an informed decision.
244 signatures were submitted under the following Banner :
As our community changes and grows, we welcome new business people who have already shown success. The professional research, preparation and presentation process of this worthy project, indicates that they will make a definite and successful contribution to the development and growth of our Bella Coola Valley community. There have been individual meetings, public meetings and the establishment of a web site, www.bcrock.com, to not only keep all of us well informed on this new venture, but to allow us to be involved as individuals and as a community, to have the opportunity to express our concerns and ideas.
We the undersigned are prepared and happy to support this new business get established here.

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NOTE: Neither No Cents Holdings ltd. nor Polaris Minerals Corporation are involved in any way with this project.
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