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Location of Bella Coola, port, and quarries

The mine is located in the Bella Coola Valley, in the Central Coast Regional District of British Columbia. The deep water port site is located west of the Town of Bella Coola at Sutlej Point off District Lot 33. The mine lies adjacent to the existing Bella Coola Harbour breakwater and ferry terminal.
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Land Use planning in the Central Coast region is handled, in concert, through several governmental agencies. In addition to the Central Coast Regional District, the Land Use Coordination Office contributes to the long range planning efforts. The Land Use Coordination Office (LUCO) was created in January 1994 to define a corporate vision for land use planning in British Columbia and to oversee, coordinate, evaluate and report to Cabinet on ministries' to deliver the provincial land-use strategy. LUCO's mandate is to improve corporate direction and coordination of all inter-ministry strategic land-use planning initiatives.
The Central Coast Protected Area Strategy (PAS) Report on the Central Coast Land and Resource Management Plan reviewed and itemized characteristics of the region and reported :
The Central Coast ecosection attributes include massive rounded mountains of the Coastal Intrusion (granitic), dissected by spectacular fjords of internationally significance. Other characteristics include fjord lakes, fjord lagoons with tidal rapids, extensive floodplains and temperate rainforests with western hemlock, western red-cedar, yellow-cedar, amabilis fir, and sub-alpine regions with mountain hemlock, amabilis fir, yellow cedar. The floodplains are dominated by Sitka spruce, black cottonwood and willows; estuaries, tidal marshes, and marine environments. Fish and wildlife include grizzly bear, black bear mountain goat, salmonids, eulachon, waterfowl (over-wintering and migratory). The area has extensive traditional settlements and use along coastlines and rivers. Logging was quite extensive along the Bella Coola valley.

North America Map - Bella Coola highlighted
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bella coola valley map
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Mapping of Bella Coola and the Central Coast